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Day 23! Currently in Frasso!

After my last post I had a lot of people (with good/caring intentions) comment or message me suggesting that I should have a rest day/shorter day. The next day was originally planned to be shorter anyway, however because of me being me, I decided to take these comments on board and walk twice as far the next day. 😬 I know these were caring comments, but in future telling me I shouldn’t do something will likely make do it, at a higher level. So thank you to these people, as I am now a day ahead of schedule! ☺️😂

Despite pushing myself further, I’m feeling really good. Very focused and ready for each day as it comes. The body is still quite sore as I finish each day, however I feel stronger as the weeks continue.

I had not mentioned earlier an injury I did have with me early on my walk, as I knew that people asking me about it, would make me think more about it or cause people to worry or doubt me. I strained my groin on the first day, which caused me a fair bit of pain for the first week. I only told the people closest to me and those I thought might be able to provide some advice.

There were times I couldn’t walk unless I had significant pressure on it. This meant having to hold items pushing on the muscle while I walked. After lots of stretches, pain relief, compression, google doctoring, and a little bit of worry, it has improved and I am now moving injury free again! ✌🏼

My original route has been changed a little bit as I go, due to no accomodation being available in the towns I had planned to stop in. Because of this, and the journey in general, I’ve stayed in some unique places that I never would have visited if I was just a general tourist. These places have been some of the highlights of my trip.

Easter weekend has just passed and it definitely was a bit of a lonely time on the road. Easter with the family is one of my favourite times of year, so missing this, and basically not celebrating Easter at all was an odd feeling. It was nice seeing Italian families together just like back home in Australia, with kids playing soccer in the street while there families were having lunches together.

Unfortunately no hot cross buns were located, however plenty of chocolate was consumed and there is a traditional Easter cake that was available at some places I stayed. One B&B also gave me a cute easter gift which was a lovely thought!

I am now only a few days away from Rome which was my first main checkpoint I had marked! I’m excited about reaching this point and finishing off my first month on the road! No matter what messages I get this time, I’ll be sure to have a rest day in Rome. 😏😂 It will be my first day off in over 3 weeks so I look forward to being a tourist for the day and trying to relax as much as I can!

Thank you again for the continued support and donations! Every message and donation I receive makes each step so much easier!

There is still a long way to go to reach my goal of $100,000! Thank you to those people who have been sharing my story with their friends!

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29 abr 2019

Hey Eliza , love the photos and blog .Thank you for sharing the emotional highs and lows ,the landscape and the food pics with us !!!

Stay well and enjoy your well earned day off in Rome !! X anne arnfield

Me gusta
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