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Day 152 - Location: Bolton, UK Distance: 3665km

Fundraising tally: $51,536

It’s been a big couple of weeks. After leaving Sheffield, I headed towards Leeds where I would be stopping to watch the Third Ashes Test! 🏏

I walked via a small town to meet the lovely Barrett family for lunch. A family who has a wonderful young son, who is living with Type one! An absolute superstar who seemed to take it all in his stride. As did the whole family!

I stayed as long as I could while trying to avoid as much rain as I could!

I continued walking for a few days in lots of rain. I had booked a nights accomodation in a little remote town as it was the only place I could find available.

On arrival, there was no one at the hotel. I tried phoning them for about an hour before anyone answered. The owner of the hotel advised me they had not seen my booking and had since booked my room and were at capacity. I tried to find somewhere else close, but it was already 8pm and I was in a remote place. The closest hotel was over 5km away and cost over $350 for the night.

I phoned the company who I had booked through and they agreed to pay the difference of the closest hotel. I then had to walk the extra 5km, so did not get to my new place until close to 10pm.

On a positive note, I was then closer to Leeds and could have a shorter day the following day! 🤗

The cricket in Leeds was one of the most ridiculous weeks of cricket in my life. I was lucky to get tickets to watch everyday of the most epic test match ever! It certainly made walking that far to see it, worth while, despite Australia losing in the end.

It was great to see the group of SACA members, travelling for the Ashes, seeing many familiar faces in the ground and was also fantastic to meet many more!

It was also great to catch up with my friend Fi again, who I had seen in London when I was there, and watch the final day of cricket with her and her boyfriend.

In addition, it was also great to catch up with other old and new friends who work in media/journalism focused on cricket. It was great to have so many people around to catch up with, relax and have some drinks with!

Since the cricket finishing I have walked down to Manchester where the fourth Ashes test will be! The walk was challenging at times (more rain, and hills) however some beautiful scenery made it easier as I crossed over the Pennines.

I will continue walking north for a few days, onwards from Manchester and will then return for the cricket. I will also get to meet up with my sister Clara and her boyfriend who will walk with me for a day and also watch some cricket too!

I can’t wait to see them and it definitely makes it feel like I’m now getting closer to the end.

Approximately 600km to go now!!

I’m hoping I can have a few days walking in some sunshine as I make my way up to Scotland! 🤞🏼

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