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Day 173

Day 173 Location: Dundee Scotland Distance: 4150km

It’s been a massive couple of weeks as I get so very close to the finish line. I had my biggest week of over 250km last week and have continued to have extremely long days, to ensure I get to Aberdeen on time.

I’ve had to spend most of my days walking on quite dangerous highways, with no footpaths or shoulders to the road. This has meant constant concentration for what have been days up to 13 hours long.

I haven’t mentioned much about the daily challenges diabetes have been giving me. Lots of low and high blood sugars, not only making me feel very ordinary, but also meaning I have to have breaks at times that impact me getting to the end each night at my planned times.

Due to these reasons, and the extremely long and tough days, I’ve been getting to my accomodation in darkness on many occasions.

The body is really hurting, but I can feel the relief each night I finish, as I know it’s just one day closer to the end! Cannot believe how close I am to the end!

Starting to get quite emotional, looking back on the journey I have had. All the amazing scenery and countryside I’ve been able to walk through, the amazing people I have met, and all the challenges I’ve encountered.

It was wonderful to have mum, dad, and my Aunty Sandra arrive a few days ago (with my golf clubs). They would explore during the day and come and retrieve me at the end of each day, dropping me back in the morning. I left them yesterday morning, as I will continue on, while they meet up with my sister Clara to do some more sightseeing before returning to meet me at the end!

I also met the lovely Peter and Pat Tisato in Stow, who happened to be travelling over here from Adelaide! We had lunch together in Stow, as well as looking around the local Cemetry where I have relatives from hundreds of years ago buried! The fact I haven’t been hit by a car on some of these roads, means I may have had some of these relatives helping me out.

Scotland has also turned on some beautiful weather since I arrived, and there has been some beautiful sights to see along the way! I was able to walk through Edinburgh, before heading up around the coast to St Andrews, and now have made it to Dundee.

I was also grateful for JDRF Scotland meeting with me along the road and walking a little bit with me! So fantastic to meet all these people around the world, with the same goals of helping people with T1 and eventually finding that cure!

My body is so sore and I’m so exhausted, I’m definitely hoping this cure comes quickly, so I don’t have to go on one of these crazy fundraising walks again. I need a cure before I can rest. 😂

I have 5 more days of walking, and a lot more money to hopefully raise!

I continue to thank everyone for being so generous and understand not everyone is in the position to donate, but thank you all for the support!

I’m hoping I can push my fundraising over $60,000 before I finish walking, and I’ll continue to try to get closer to my goal after I have finished!

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Dec 20, 2020

Uuummm....did I miss something ? Where is the blog about the finish line? What a let down.

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