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Day 137 - Location: Sheffield Distance: 3500km approx

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Feels like just yesterday I had booked the wrong hotel and was heading a long way off route just to get a night of sleep.

I set off early the next morning, knowing I had to cover close to 40km in tough conditions in order to make it to my hostel that night. With no walking paths for the first half of this day, I again spent it slowly on the side of busy roads, in pouring rain. Conditions that are becoming way to familiar.

I was very happy to have a walking trail for the second half of the day, which allows me to relax a little more. With wet socks and shoes all day, I made it to my hostel just as the sun had set! Over 12hours and 40km later, but very happy I had completed and loved watching the sun set of the rolling hills as I completed the day!

The Peak District was stunning!! The scenery for the next few days added some much needed motivation! The rain continued each day, but scenery and walking trail/footpaths made it much nicer to walk! I do find it strange, although love that some of the public paths go straight through private farms and paddocks full of animals!

I left the Peak District and made it to Sheffield last night! Unfortunately when arriving to Sheffield and ready to relax for the night, I noticed around $800 had been stolen from my bank account to buy designer clothing online. This meant the bank cancelled all my bank cards and will take time to investigate before it can possibly be refunded! Not sure if I’m more annoyed by the inconvenience of it all, or the fact someone else will have lovely clothes while I’m over here with muddy and wet shoes and socks!

As I continue to walk and head up to Leeds for the Third Ashes Test, I will certainly be following the second test at Lords closely (if the rain stays away).

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