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In May 2001, my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Since that day I have been determined to do my part, to ensure a cure is found for future generations.

In 2013 I walked from Adelaide to Melbourne on my own, raising over $25,000 for JDRF. Battling significant injuries and pain from this walk, including requiring surgery post walk, I am determined to push my body even further, when I start my next trek in APRIL, 2019.

This Walk will run for approx. 6 months, over 4000km, and run from Brindisi in Southern Italy, and continue through Italy, Switzerland, France and England, before finishing up in Scotland. My goal will be to raise $100,000 to go directly to the best research in the country and support JDRF in their quest to improve lives of people with Type 1 and find a cure.

In Australia there are over 120,000 people living with Type One diabetes. Unfortunately I am part of this statistic.

I am a 26 year old from Adelaide who became all too familiar with this terrible disease just after my 9th birthday. From this day, I was determined to do my part, in making this ‘incurable disease’, become a thing of the past. While we wait for this day, I want to ensure we have the best treatment and technology available to help those with Type 1 Diabetes live a healthy and happy life. This is why I am so passionate about raising money for JDRF, who are dedicated to finding a cure and improving lives of people living with type one.

I have first-hand experience, knowing that the work they do is worth every cent. In almost 18 years, I have seen the improvements in technology that are making this tough and exhausting disease become that little bit easier to manage on a day to day basis. Improving this, has not only made it safer in the short term for those with Type 1, but its helping give us the best chance at avoiding life threatening complications such as heart disease, blindness, amputation, kidney damage – all equating to a current 12 year decrease in our life expectancy. 

In my (close to) 18 years of living with diabetes, I have had over 40,000 injections or pricks to my body. I have worn a device and sometimes two devices (insulin pump and Continuous glucose monitor) which are attached to my body every second of everyday for the last 15 years. I have spent thousands of dollars a year and lost thousands of hours of sleep. All of this is worth it to know that I am alive, because over this journey I have very nearly lost my life to dangerously low blood sugar levels.
I don’t want to make this negative, in fact, to this day I believe that diabetes has made me a much stronger, motivated, ambitious person. I have been determined to never let this diagnosis deny me from living my best life, or define me as a person.

It has given me ambition to help others. I currently work as a registered nurse, with qualifications in both diabetes education and mental health nursing. It has given me motivation to prove to people Type One diabetes is not going to stand in my way.

I hope to raise in excess of $100,000 to go directly towards this great cause. 

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If you would like to help me in any way please get in touch! If you haven’t already bought tickets for my upcoming events, we hope you do so. To learn more about how to get involved, give us a call or send an email :) .

Upcoming Events

  • Walk Across Europe for Type 1 Diabetes
    Walk Across Europe for Type 1 Diabetes
    Mon, 01 Apr
    01 Apr 2019, 8:00 am
    01 Apr 2019, 8:00 am
    Our event is likely to gather hundreds of people who share one goal: working together to bring about change. Have a look at the details below and secure your place today.


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Take advantage of an incredible opportunity to make a difference. Join us to raise funds, spread awareness and contribute to a truly important cause.



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