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The reason behind the madness.....

As I set off today for the biggest physical and emotional challenge of my life, I look at the reasons I am walking 4000km, across 5 countries to raise $100,000 for type one diabetes.

The main question I get asked is: Why?

When I was diagnosed with type one diabetes back in 2001, at 9 years of age, I was determined to not only fight this disease but to push myself to ensure diabetes would never stop me from achieving anything.

18 years later, and I like to think it hasn’t stopped me and if anything, it has motivated me to push myself further than ever imagined.

Unfortunately, diabetes isn’t always an easy ride, and I have woken up on so many mornings, asking ‘why me?’, fed up with the daily struggles it can throw at you. Other mornings I haven’t woken up, to be found in a hypoglycaemic unconscious state by my family. This scenario is one that kills many people with type one. I was lucky on these occasions that I have been found before it’s too late and haven’t just become a statistic of another type one related death.

These are just a few of the reasons why I’m pushing myself to do whatever I can to find this cure, to find this prevention, and to find new ways to treat and protect the lives of people with type one diabetes.

When I meet someone with type one diabetes, you feel an instant connection. A common feeling of frustration, pain, & fear, but also of determination and strength. People with type one diabetes, at any age, are the strongest people I know, because fighting for our lives everyday needs to build plenty of courage and strength! I could sit back and let diabetes win, and that might be the easier option, but I’m not looking for easy, I’m not giving up the fight until we find a cure!

I no longer ask myself ‘why me?’. Instead I tell myself, how can I turn adversity and these challenges into a positive!

I know my choice of raising money might seem a little crazy or dangerous to some, but I want to show that I will do anything to show people that diabetes is not a weakness, and diabetes will not stop me!

I’m doing this walk for the people living with type one today. The families that are fighting everyday to keep their loved ones safe and happy. The kids and adults who will be diagnosed in the future. This is for you!

I hope that any money I raise will bring us one step closer to a cure, and to bring hope to so many!

6 months on the road will be tough and certainly challenging, but this is nothing compared to a lifetime of type one diabetes!

I hope that my journey can not only raise valuable money, but raise awareness to a disease that is often poorly portrayed in the media or lacks knowledge in society.

This is WHY I am walking! If you can’t donate, I urge you to spread to word, so I can raise awareness and money for the amazing charity JDRF who are dedicated to treat, prevent, and cure this terrible disease!

Follow my journey:

Twitter/instagram: @elizabart

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