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Day 88! 🇫🇷🚶🏼‍♀️🍾🌞

Currently in: Bruyères-et-Montbérault

Distance this week: 230km

Apologies for taking so long between posts, I’ve been pretty exhausted and have been struggling more and more to do have energy to write after walking each day.

Although I am over half way in distance already, I am officially half way through the days of my journey!!

Up until now I have walked over 2500km, almost 4 million steps, and overcome some of the craziest obstacles and situations!

I still have about two weeks of pushing my body to its max while in France until I hit the UK. The UK, although still a long, challenging walk, I will have an opportunity have rest days more often (and enjoy some cricket).

The past week has been challenging. I’ve gone from the constant rain to temperatures sitting around the mid 30’s. Some days I have had minimal shade, or water supply upon my path, where as others I might have moments in the forrest giving me some relief from the sun. I’ve still ensured I have been walking between 30-35km each day to stay ahead of my schedule.

I have also had a couple of days of feeling quite nauseas. With sickness and heat also means my blood sugars have been a bit higher than normal, meaning further exhaustion and dehydration. On top of this, I have not slept much at all over the past month, which I think is catching up with me.

I’m lucky with my parents here, I have had the opportunity to be picked up during the day for a nap and return to walk later in the evening until about 8.30pm. It’s been lovely having them both around for support!

Despite the challenges, there has been some lovely scenery throughout France. I’ve spent plenty of time walking through the Champagne region and was lucky to have some time after walking one night to taste some amazing champagne from a local cellar door.

Today I started walking through some of the fields where World War 1 occurred. It certainly made me feel grateful that I have the ability to do what I am doing in this amazing scenic countryside, thanks to the many people who have fought before me to give us this freedom!

Despite feeling significant pain and exhaustion, I know nothing at all is in comparison to what has been felt in this fields before me!

I have also ticked over to $40,000 today! A huge thank you to everyone for all the help getting me this far! Donations are tax deductible in Australia, so if you are still thinking of making a donation before the end of this financial year, only a couple of days to go! 🙂

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Didy Mclaurin

Well done Eliza - we are so proud of you - congratulations on reaching Englands shores - what a feat ( & what feet!!). We didnt make the finals & hope you will help us next year!! Final dinner on Sunday evening at RAGC so will be thinking of you - 100 days -you are a fantastic ambassador. Really looking forward to hearing more wonderful stories when you return. Soldier on - we are all with you- nearly there.

Didy & all at RAGC xx

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