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Day 71 🇨🇭-🇫🇷 Switzerland! What a journey! 🇨🇭🙌🏼

About a week has past and I’ve already crossed the beautiful countryside of Switzerland. Starting in the snow, to vineyards, along Lake Geneva, rolling hills, forrest, and farmland. It’s been a beautiful and sunny week!

The only negative about this country is the price of everything! It is known as the most expensive country in the world for a reason. One hotel tried to charge me the equivalent of $10aud for a take away coffee. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It was also hard to find many places to stay for less than $100/night. I chose to not eat out most nights and bought basic foods, bread ect from supermarkets instead.

After all of this my last night in Switzerland was in a small town Lignerolle at a hotel/hostel named Chez Epicure!

They often cook for their guests, at a cost, and have a big family dinner type atmosphere with guests. I read that on their reviews and thought it would be a great experience.

I met the owners when I checked in to my dorm room and they were very welcoming and lovely! They provide free use of a spa and sauna for ‘walkers’ which I certainly made the most of!

That night they cooked up a beautiful meal, and dessert while all guests sat around talking to one another drinking wine, and then Moroccan tea. Despite not understanding most of what was being said as it was all in French, they all continued to make me feel welcome and would translate bits of conversation for me!

The next morning after a big, delicious breakfast, I was ready to leave for another big day of walking! When going to check out, they asked for my website and blog details and handed me my bill which read “$0 - Gift for Courage :)”

I was so incredibly grateful for this amazing gift of not only accomodation and food, but of amazing kindness.

With all the bad things you hear in the news these days, it’s been so wonderful to meet such kind and lovely people like this along my journey! Memories and people I will never forget! 💕

After averaging over 35km walking per day while in Switzerland I have now reached France, exhausted but full of great memories from my time in Switzerland!

Two countries have now been covered and I am nearing close to the half way point of 2000km!

Unfortunately with the journey into France, there has been lots of rain, and a lot more forecast for the week ahead!

I am looking forward to be joined by my mum and dad in a couple of days time which will be wonderful to have their support and company over here with me, and also mean I can leave some gear with them not have to continue to carry approximately 18kg on my back! My shoulders have been getting pretty bruised due to the weight so this will be a lovely change!

Again, the support has been amazing, so THANK YOU! It’s a tough journey both physically and mentally and knowing I have so much support really does help make it that be easier! 🙏🏼

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