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Day 59

Today marks the start of day 59 and over 1650km travelled by foot from Brindisi to Santhià.

I was lucky to get a couple of sunny days in a row before the rain and a few thunderstorms have again come along to crash the party.

Since my last post I was able to have a rest day, which I spent in Milan! Although a quick trip, it was a great way to rest my mind from the task and be a bit of a tourist for the day.

It was great catching up with friends Adele Guille & Kate Carpenter who are living in Milan. I had a great time exploring the city, eating/ drinking plenty, and also relaxing after being gifted a massage voucher from a few of my best friends back home! 💕🙌🏼

I also met up with Francesca Ulivi, and her husband who live in Milan. It was a pleasure to meet such lovely people who have a real passion for type one diabetes. They are not only involved in the type one diabetes community, but are also a part of some of the research funded by JDRF! We went to a one of Italy’s oldest Pasticceria, Pasticceria Cova, in Montenapoleone Milan. We had aperitif here in true Italian style. The lovely staff were very impressed and supportive of what I was doing and gifted me with some chocolates for my journey before I left! It did take them a while to believe us when we were telling them about my journey.

Unfortunately my stay in Milan didn’t last long and I was back on track the next day continuing along my path. The weather certainly took a turn for the worst and I have had a few wet days since leaving Milan. I have been lucky to have a few flatter trails to walk on before I hit the Italian and then Swiss alps! With the flatter trails although has come little scenery, making motivation along flat, muddy paths quite difficult to find at times.

I am terrified, yet excited to hit the alps over the next few days. There is plenty of snow forecast throughout my route as I cross over the alps. This will be another massive challenge that I will have to face, but one I am looking forward to!

I can’t believe I only have a few more days left in Italy! I have loved my time in this beautiful country and will certainly never forget the memories I have made here!

In other news, I have almost hit $35,000 for JDRF. 💕😱 Obviously still a long way off my goal of $100K, however I am blown away by just how much support I am receiving!

I have started a #SponsorOneKM in aid to reach my goal. I hope to get 4000 people around the world to pledge just $15AUD, £8, €10, $10USD!

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