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Day 40

Today marked day 40 on the road and I am currently in San Miniato, about 40km from Florence.

Before I left, my Endocrinologist (Diabetes specialist doctor) asked me why am I doing this? He said ‘I know you want a cure, but we all want a cure and we aren’t all walking 4000km?” It was probably the first time I thought in detail about exactly “why”. I’ve always said I will do anything to help us get closer to a cure, but there was obviously more to it.

I wanted to push myself and push boundaries to show I’m that diabetes won’t stop me. I want to challenge myself, to show myself and others that there are no limits. While doing so, I want to make an impact by raising money and awareness for type one and JDRF, a charity I know is improving lives of people with Type One and funding the best research in the world! I am genuinely excited about the improvements to technology and the research that currently being undertaken!

I’ve had moments over the past week that I have felt so flat and exhausted that every step feels like concrete has filled my boots. I then have moments, that I am literally dancing and singing while I walk and am so grateful for being here.

It’s been an absolute emotional rollercoaster. My body and mind are exhausted. But I’m also in some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, raising money for something that is so important to me, so I’m loving that part of it!

I was really struggling a couple of days ago, despite having an overwhelming reaction to my last post. I continued to read these messages on this post as I walked, before arriving at my B&B. My B&B has 4 x tiny kittens that instantly made me forget any pain!

Today I was feeling a little unwell, but pushed through, as unfortunately there is not an option for days off. I pushed on and felt much better as the day went on.

I have been walking through some of the most beautiful countryside in the world and it has been an incredible journey. I am constantly finding myself going from tears, to pure happiness.

My body continues to hurt, but there is definitely thousands more KM left in it. I keep reminding myself that the pain is temporary for me, but a cure will last forever and help many...

I continue to feel those moments of loneliness despite meeting wonderful people and having wonderful experiences. Different languages & time zones takes its toll, but not having direct contact with those so close to me is also hard at times.

I am genuinely proud of my body for making it this far and cannot wait to see how far it can push itself. The worst is certainly yet to come, and I cannot wait to experience all that comes with it!

I honestly cannot thank you all enough for the ongoing support! To me, it’s crazy how much of you care so much! It is honestly the reason I can keep going!

Over 1100km down and many more to go! 🚶🏼‍♀️💪🏼

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