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Day 33

A few very long and tough days walking to ensure I continue to stay ahead of schedule. I’m feeling really refreshed mentally since Rome and ready to take on some of this tough terrain and mountainous regions.

Body is still sore, but I know this is only going to continue and even get worse as I go through tougher conditions.

Last night I arrived in Acquapendente at the Air BnB I had booked. I had booked this place as it looked very well priced and neat and comfortable. It was a little bit out of the centre of the town, but worth it to save on the cost.

I arrived and met 4 other ‘pilgrims’ from Belgium who were hiking for two weeks together. A very interesting group who hike together annually.

I then met the owners of the BnB. The beautiful Alessandra Espositoand Ivano who invited and welcomed me into their place. Alessandra told me she had been following my journey/blog on Facebook, and then invited me to dinner with the family. This was such a lovely thing for them the offer and I not only enjoyed some delicious pasta, meat, cheeses, salad, breads, wine, but also the experience of a very loving Italian family dinner. We had some difficulties communicating at times due to language, but nothing translation apps couldn’t fix. 🙂! I was so grateful for this experience and meeting such wonderful, loving people!

I headed back to my room and slept very well after a nice big dinner! In the morning I was greeted by Alessandra who explained to me that the Acquapendente community has a certificate they would like to give me for my journey! I was greeted in the centre by more lovely people and presented with a certificate from the Mayor of Acquapendente! This gesture was overwhelming and such a kind and lovely thing to be organised! It left me full of positivity and love for the rest of the day!

I would like to give a massive thank you to both Alessandra and Ivano for their support and hospitality!

If anyone ever heads to Acquapendente or surrounding towns in Italy, be sure to book their lovely Air BnB! I hope to be back again to visit in the future!

The walking after this was a little tough, with a lot of highways to walk on and also massive hills to climb. Muscles were sore, but I felt really positive all day! I was booked in to stay at pilgrim accomodation on this night, a hostel type place fir pilgrims walking parts of the via francigena pilgrim trail..

The accomodation was very basic, just a bed, no bedding/towels ect, which was okay as i had been carrying sleeping bag/small towel. Despite the basic accom, I was able to meet lots of other people who had been hiking over different periods, generally 2-3 weeks at a time. Everyone had their own stories and this was also a great experience.

I am looking forward to the next few days through the Tuscany/ Siena region with some amazing views!

Ciao xx

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