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Day 19... Easter weekend begins!

Before I started today I was ready to write a post about how everything was running smoothly. Hotels were now expecting me, the weather has been perfect, cafes/supermarkets open.

Today was no different, except it was tough. Very tough. I walked about 35km over about 10 hours. The walk itself, pretty uninspiring, mainly on highways and through towns. That wasn’t the issue.

Today was one of those days that you actually appreciate how much Diabetes sucks, and does make life pretty tough!

Firstly, my blood sugars have been pretty high since arriving. Mainly due to high carb food, stress on the body, & the fact I had originally decreased my insulin too, thinking my blood sugars may run low.

They have also been quite high at night, meaning poor sleep as I’m waking up regularly to drink water, go to the toilet, and generally not feeling great!

Today though, was an absolute roller coaster.

I woke up with high blood sugars, which then proceeded to go low (needing another break) after a couple of hours. My insulin pump then fell out, without me knowing, meaning I started to feel sicker. Tested 18.0mmol. Gave my self insulin (it so I thought). Tested later and I was 29mmol and felt pretty bad and needed to have another unplanned break.

For those without much idea about type one diabetes, high blood sugars make me feel incredibly fatigued, dehydrated, slightly blurred vision, needing to pee regularly (isn’t handy when no toilets around) and pretty nauseas too! When you feel like this, and have 35km to walk before sunset it certainly makes life pretty hard. Normally, in this situation, I would sit around and wait for them to drop, or even nap if I have the chance, because I become so incredibly fatigued. Unfortunately this was not an option today. I still had a long way to go.

I got pretty grumpy, annoyed at every little thing anyone said to me, if a dog barked at me, and every person tooting their horn or yelling at me.

Mentally today was tough. Physically it wasn’t easy either..

Because of this day, I decided I was going to buy a cheap salad (now almost scared of carbs), and eat that for dinner as I lay in bed.

So, I did exactly that. However my lovely B&B owner said he would cook me a meal. This consisted of a full serve of pasta, bread, then a full steak (I know it’s Good Friday 😬) with Veges, followed up with fruit. Along with it a jug of wine! I made sure I had plenty of insulin on board and told myself I deserved every bit of it! It was incredible!

After dinner I stayed back and chatted to this man for a while. He spoke English very well, and told me about the many people, who have stayed he before me on different adventures as no general tourists visit this town.

The town was incredibly small, however beautiful, and it made me realise how lucky I am to be able to be staying in these towns that I would not visit as a general tourist!

I finished the day so content and happy, despite how hard the day had been. (Despite still not finding a hot cross bun anywhere!)

But hey, diabetes has never, and will never beat me.. so why would have I let it beat me today?

The extra challenges of living with diabetes is all a part of the journey and is a reminder of why I am doing what I am doing!

I have not once regretted or doubted myself on this journey even in the toughest times. No challenge I undertake during this journey will be harder than a lifetime of diabetes!

Pain is temporary and individual, a cure will last forever and help millions!

Ciao xx

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