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Day 115 - Location: Milton Keynes, UK Distance: Approx 3150km

It’s been a while since my last post. Sometimes I find it difficult to find something to write about and am also too tired after finishing each day.

Since my last post I had a couple of days off in London! It was amazing to finally get the chance to have a couple of days off to relax. I’m lucky enough to have been to London multiple times before, so had no need to rush around sightseeing, and could just enjoy the days wandering around, a bit of shopping and relaxing.

I met with JDRF UK while in London which was fantastic! They were all so lovely and it again was a good reminder of why I am doing this walk and how vital funding for research is for type one diabetes.

After my days off, I set off North of London. For a couple of nights I would finish walking and return to London to sleep,and catch the train back in the morning to where I had finished the night before. As I mentioned in my last post, I was lucky to stay with a friend, Alice, and her 4 other housemates! Very grateful to them all for accomodating me during this time!

It was also great to catch up with another friend Fi, who is also living in London at the moment. Having people around that I know certainly makes it feel more at home and less lonely than I had felt in more remote communities in Italy.

Two days after leaving London I arrived in Chelmsford where I had planned to walk through to watch the Women’s Ashes first T20 match. On my itinerary, I was about 3 days earlier than my planned arrival, which gave me the ability to walk ahead. If I didn’t have this ability to gain some ground, I would have had to cover significant ground to make it to Birmingham for the 1st Men’s Ashes Test! Now I will only need to stroll 130km in 5 days instead of about 200km. 💁🏼‍♀️😬

A couple of these days had a little rain, before the UK heatwave begun. As much as Australians love to joke about the English complaining about the heat, there were a couple of days that were quite tough to walk in, getting up to mid 30s with limited shade.

Apart from a bit of heat, some sore feet and my bag seeming heavier by the day, I’m feeling pretty good! 👍🏼

I’ve travelled back to Chelmsford today where I will watch Aus V Eng and hopefully watch the Aussie girls win the Ashes Series in which they have been dominating so far!

I’m currently sitting at approximately $45,000 raised. My goal is to hit $50,000 by the start of the Men’s Ashes Series on 1st Aug, to start the series with a half century and at least one Aussie raising their bat! 🏏

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